Zoom exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies digitized nearly every part of their business; its stock price reflected that.

In April 2020, Zoom hit 300mm daily meeting participants.

While some companies asking employees to return to their offices, especially the major players that often influence greater trends, will impact Zoom’s demand, there’s one use case that won’t go away: HR teams using Zoom to conduct interviews

This is here to stay. 

For this reason, candidates will have to adjust. 

For some, this adjustment will be easy, but for others, it’ll take time. 

Readiness aside, here are 3 Zoom interview zips any candidate can use. 

Zoom Interview Tips to Keep in Mind

Become a Power User 

Unfortunately, it’ll take more than just showing up to ace a zoom interview.

To have a successful engagement with HR, the hiring manager or someone on the team, that’s mutually beneficial, you must have a firm understanding of Zoom.

This means understanding the fundamentals of using the technology, like using the link to log in, connecting your headphones (if you’re using any) and how to position yourself on camera—remember, the camera is at the top of the computer. 

If you’re not familiar with Zoom or have concerns about getting through the interview, run through a practice session with a peer, friend or family member. Mimic the interview and do everything you suspect might happen during it—everything from logging in to finding the mute button and troubleshooting your speakers and microphone.

Check Your Vibe

As long as companies are adopting remote work—40% of employers are offering at least some remote work—people will debate whether or not in-person interviews or their Zoom counterparts are superior.

In reality, there’s probably not a definitive answer as they both have pros and cons. 

That said, one of the benefits of in-person interviews is that they remove a handful of environmental variables from the equation.

You’ll be (probably) in a well-lit room. 

You likely won’t have to worry about Internet connectivity. 

You won’t have to worry about your dog barking or a delivery showing up.  

These potential hiccups—and a host of others—remain in play during a Zoom interview. 

So, before you log in, cover your bases, check your vibe and do what you can to control your environment. 

Make sure your lighting is adequate (even better, log into Zoom to see how you appear on screen). 

If you’re sharing your space with others, see if you can find a quiet place out of the way.

Test your Internet a few times. 

First impressions matter even though you aren’t meeting the potential employer face-to-face, so take the necessary steps before they let you into the meeting room to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. 

Update & Test Everything

Murphy’s Law states that “If anything can go wrong, it will.” 

While this doesn’t normally apply to job interviews, it’s not a bad idea to keep in mind leading up to your Zoom interview. 

Does your computer have the latest version of Zoom? 

On that note, does your computer have the latest operating system? 

Do your speakers work and is your camera focusing properly? If you’re using headphones, are they connecting to Bluetooth and the computer? 

In the days leading up to your Zoom interview, think of the technical glitches that could impact the experience. Not only will it lessen the likelihood that something goes awry, but because you took precautions, your mind won’t be wandering to the “what ifs”—at least not as much. 

Final Thoughts: Don’t Neglect the Tried-and-True Tips & Tactics

While Zoom brings an interesting twist to the interview process and requires some rather unorthodox tips to master, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the traditional interview tips and tactics people have been using for years. 

You know, the ol’ faithful, like wearing clothes that match the company’s dress code (go on the company’s website and see what people are wearing), research the company and the person doing the interview and prepare questions. When the interview’s over, send a brief follow-up email reiterating your interest, why you’d be a good fit and thank them for their time. 

If you combine those steps with the Zoom interview tips mentioned above, you’ll be in a prime position to ace your interview and secure your next job. 

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