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With the growing demand for top talent across the country—especially now that we live in a remote-first world—finding highly skilled professionals for “long-term,” “short-term,” or temporary staffing assignments can be challenging. Do you need a contractor for a one-off project that will take a specified duration to complete? How about filling a temporary opening with someone who has a unique skillset your business doesn’t currently employ?

Wellington Steele is a leader in contract and temporary staffing services. We have optimized our recruiting and contracting services with practices and strategies honed from decades of industry experience, so we’re uniquely positioned to help you bring in right-fit temporary candidates whenever you need them.

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Benefits of Our Contract Staffing Services

Whether you simply don’t have the internal resources to manage your contract or temporary staffing or you want to bring in an industry expert well-versed on the subject to work hand-in-hand with your team, our contract staffing services produce an array of real-world benefits.

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The hiring process for your project-based and temporary positions doesn’t have to be complex, time-consuming, and tedious. Our contract staffing Services and solutions simplify the entire process and bring right-fit candidates to the table whenever you need them. And because we are constantly engaging candidates—even passive ones—we can guarantee that these professionals will make an impact on your bottom line.

Business needs and demands are constantly changing. We get that. That’s why our temporary staffing solutions are flexible and ready to adapt and evolve whenever you need them to. No matter what your organization needs and whatever temporary projects are thrown your way, we have the talent network to keep you moving.

We have seen it all, so we have the uncanny ability to identify the perfect candidate—even for unique short-term contract staffing needs. Our vast network of top talent across various industries and specialties is proven to generate real-world results.

Why Use Wellington Steele’s Contract and Temp Agency Services?

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We bring only the most skilled, in-demand talent to the table. Helping you make faster and more effective hiring decisions.

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Our vast and diverse talent network gives us the ability to match talented and passionate people with your business’ needs and culture.


Feel confident that we will stop at nothing to ensure we are helping you make smarter and more impactful hiring decisions.


We’re a seamless extension of your team. We listen, address your challenges, and then deliver. It’s that simple.


In need of Contract or Temp Agency services to meet your project-based and temporary work needs? We can help. With nearly two decades of recruiting and staffing experience, we’ve learned the nuances of the industry and know exactly what it takes to connect talented people with great companies. We work side-by-side with you and stop at nothing to make sure you’re making the smartest, fastest, and most impactful hiring decisions possible.

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