We’re in unprecedented times, and you need to evolve your practices to meet the shifting sands. This includes how you staff and recruit. For better or worse, some staffing and recruiting tactics that worked in the past won’t be as effective anymore. Yes, many tactics and strategies will still hold weight moving forward—think active recruiting—but the reality is that we’re sailing in uncharted waters; there’s no playbook to help you navigate. So while you should approach the new-look world with caution, you’d be wise to team up with staffing and recruiting experts who have the skills and expertise vital to long-term success and sustainability. Here are three more why you need a staffing and recruiting expert.

Why You Need a Staffing and Recruiting Expert More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. You couldn’t have been prepared to wake up one day and ask yourself, “What on earth am I supposed to do? What do I have to do to survive?” The answers to these questions may have eluded you—and that’s ok. The answers to these questions eluded many. That said, staffing and recruiting experts were well prepared; it’s their job to stay on their toes. Not only can they help you stay afloat, but they can help you thrive. 

Reason #1: Agility 

If recent times have taught you anything, it’s that agility and nimbleness are essential. When the pandemic hit, you had to adapt. For many, this meant sweeping changes to the workforce. Some businesses, unfortunately, had to lay employees off. Some furloughed them. Still, others hired to account for a shift in their go-to-market strategy. Regardless of the type of business decision you made, staffing and recruiting experts could have been your guiding light.

Then, once a decision is made, their active and diverse talent networks mean you can turn your strategic decisions into real-world results quickly. Need to go remote and start hiring from different geographical areas? Staffing and recruiting experts can help. Need candidates with different skill sets to help you pivot? They can help with that, too. Then, when the unexpected happens, staffing and recruiting experts are ready.  

Reason #2: Financial Stability

When a rogue wave hits, you may default to cutting your labor costs. Sometimes, there’s no way around this; however, that’s not always the case, and staffing and recruiting experts can ensure you’re making the smartest move. 

How? Instead of making a knee-jerk reaction, a staffing and recruiting expert can help you understand the actual cost and implications of a workforce reduction. For example, rather than layoffs, maybe compensation changes or condensing work schedules make more sense. Or perhaps it’s slowly transitioning to remote-first work to eventually eliminate overhead.

Reasons #3: Employee Happiness 

Geographical borders are no longer confining candidates searching for a job. However, while this gives you the ability to pull from a larger talent pool, it also exponentially increases the number of companies you’re competing with, which means finding opportunities to differentiate yourself is paramount—even the smallest difference could sway a candidate in the other direction or get an existing one to move on. 

A great way to do this is by investing in employee happiness. This seems like a no-brainer; however, not enough businesses really invest because they think it means sweeping changes to their HR policies. While they should absolutely make those changes, an optimal level of happiness and satisfaction comes down to, in some part, hiring the right employees. Staffing and recruiting experts can make this happen every time. If you fail to hire right-fit candidates who don’t mesh with your values and culture, you’re not only risking productivity, but you may be sacrificing your employees’ happiness. When this happens, some will look the other way. Don’t let this happen. 

Hiring & Recruiting in the Post-Pandemic World

The simple solution to navigating the new-look business world is to work with a staffing and recruiting expert who has the experience and strategies necessary. Sure, you can embark on the journey alone, but you should do so knowing that it’s going to cost you significant resources, and most importantly, time. And in an ultra-competitive world, you can’t afford that.

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