Who gets all the credit when a tech company does something good? 

The developers? Probably. 

The marketing team? Sure.  

The leadership team? Absolutely. 

These teams deserve the praise—they get all the blame when something goes wrong—but dedicating all the applause to them just isn’t fair. 


Because there’s another important cog in the growth engine of technology companies: Project managers and project management services

Here’s what you need to know about project managers and how they—along with project management services—can help you grow despite the rampant competition and shifting macroeconomic conditions.

What’s a Project Manager? 

A project manager or PM is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing projects—think of them as the conductor of an orchestra. A project manager’s job is to ensure a project finishes on time, within budget, and as intended during the planning stage.

What Are Project Management Services? 

Project management services accomplish the same outcome as a project manager. The difference is that a company using project management services is outsourcing this function to a third-party firm. 

The benefit of project management services is that they offload the work on internal teams, reduce hiring needs, and, when done right, accelerate business development. 

Benefits of Tech Project Management Services: Why Tech Companies Should Use Them

Now that we covered the “what” behind PM and project management services, let’s dive into 3 of the core benefits that can help you win. 

Cost Savings

We’re not just talking about financial savings when it comes to tech project management services. They do that with aces. Outsourcing project management saves a lot of time, too. 

Let’s look at both angles: 

From a financial standpoint, project management services save you money because you don’t have to go through the hiring—and potentially firing—process. 

We’ve said it before, but for everyone in the back, we’ll say it again: A bad hire can be your downfall, especially for technology companies that don’t have the time to “try again.”

So, instead of having to worry about losing 30% of that person’s first-year salary if they don’t work out, you can entrust a firm that’s been there and done that—and if they don’t work out, most reputable firms will allow you to cut ties without a huge financial hit since they didn’t deliver on their promise. 

Basically, outsourcing your project management services gives you all its benefits without the possibility of significant financial sunk costs. 

At the same time, tech project management services save your HR team and hiring managers time because, well, they don’t have to go through the painstakingly tedious interview and hiring process. 

Sure, there’s still the vetting process required to find the right services, but it should be far less labor-intensive than hiring a full-time PM. 

Again, the name of the game here is time to value. 

Remote Friendly 

The world’s at a bit of an inflection point in terms of remote working. 

While most people have given their vote of confidence for remote or hybrid working, the continued call by big companies—most recently by Apple—to institute a return to office (RTO) plan may make some companies second guess their POV. After all, the tech industry, in particular, is a game of follow the leader.

Still, we can hopefully agree that some form of remote working is here to stay. With that, certain hiring and workplace challenges will follow. 

One of those challenges is how to manage teams scattered around the world.

Traditionally, companies have had their employees contained in offices. While many had offices all over the world, the general confinement compared to what they’re dealing with now made it relatively easy to manage projects. 

With employees more spread out than ever, this is no longer the case, opening the door to inefficiencies and diminishing returns. 

Project management services can streamline operations by bringing everything under one “umbrella.” Instead of having dozens of project managers trying to work in unison, you can have one firm manage it all. 

Increased Productivity

While project management is becoming increasingly important for more companies, many aren’t quite getting it right yet, especially regarding bandwidth.

In fact, 59% of PMs run between 2 and 5 projects, 11% run 6 to 10 projects, and 15% run more than ten at a time.

Unsurprisingly, this level of work doesn’t always translate to the best result. 

Case and point: Across all organizations, 11.4% of all resources are wasted due to inferior project management processes

Project management services can take some of this work off of your PMs plates—these services don’t have to act as your entire team; they can be extensions and augmentations, too. 

By outsourcing project management services, PMs win back time, reduce their workload, and invest more of their time and resources into fewer projects. 

The end result: Better results, quicker deployments and better employee retention. 

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