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Hiring is in a crisis; skill gaps are widening despite “quality hires” joining the team. Those that invest in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) do so to revamp their hiring and staffing strategy and to take advantage of the external knowledge and resources of an outside talent management expert.

As a leading talent management company, our RPO Services can help organizations prioritize talent within a solidly constructed talent pipeline that guarantees them a flow of ready and qualified candidates—it is used more and more as a strategic initiative to address the often stressed resources and infrastructure of HR teams.

  • Brand for Talent Acquisition: Execute the best strategy to reach deep into the active and passive workforce for the best persona, culture, and job skills matches
  • Source Candidates: Wider talent pools with a deeper understanding of the real state of the workforce
  • Maintain a Talent Pipeline: Support a steady stream of top, vetted talent with or without openings
  • Screen & Verify Candidates: Best practices for identifying best candidate matches and verifying their skills and credentials claims
  • Schedule & Manage Interviews: Reduce the burden on HR staff and hiring managers early in hiring
Recruitment Process Outsourcing services

Benefits of Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

We are experienced recruitment process outsourcing professionals who know precisely how to bring candidates to the table who align with your organization’s business goals and fit in with the culture. We have the experience and expertise necessary to optimize your employee recruitment while freeing up internal teams to focus on other high-impact activities.

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We have refined our recruiting process over nearly two decades of work. As a result, we know how to adjust it to meet each organization’s needs. Entrusting us with your recruitment needs provides you with the confidence necessary to grow.

As a leader in recruitment process outsourcing, we give you the unique opportunity to tap into a wider talent pool of active and passive candidates who have an extensive understanding of your industry, its challenges, and what is necessary to thrive. Our talent network consists of only top, vetted candidates, ensuring that you are only engaging with candidates who will make a difference.

The staffing and recruiting process eat into resources across the entire organization, keeping HR teams and hiring managers from dedicating themselves to other high-impact workplace activities. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services reduce the burden on your internal teams and do it without sacrificing the performance of your day-to-day operation.

Why Rochester, NY businesses choose Wellington Steele’s RPO Services

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We bring only the most skilled, in-demand talent to the table. Helping you make faster and more effective hiring decisions.

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Our vast and diverse talent network gives us the ability to match talented and passionate people with your business’ needs and culture.


Feel confident that we will stop at nothing to ensure we are helping you make smarter and more impactful hiring decisions.


We’re a seamless extension of your team. We listen, address your challenges, and then deliver. It’s that simple.


In need of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services? We can help. With nearly two decades of recruiting and staffing experience, we have learned the industry’s nuances and know exactly what it takes to connect talented people with great companies. We work side-by-side with you and stop at nothing to make sure you’re making the smartest, fastest, and impactful hiring decisions possible.

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