If you’ve ever remodeled a house, you’ve probably worked with a contractor or someone similar to help. Why? Because they’re experts, get the work done and do it right the first time. The equivalent for technology companies is called recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Here’s what you need to know about recruitment process outsourcing for technology companies and how it can help grow.

What’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? 

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, is a solution that allows companies to offload some, or all, of their recruitment needs to an outside talent management expert. RPO helps companies access a richer and wider talent pipeline consisting of candidates that align with the job, company, and culture. RPO is more important now than ever given the evolving business world and the pressing need to make smart hiring decisions as quickly as possible.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Technology Companies: 3 Reasons Why it Helps

RPO is becoming increasingly common due to its flexibility and ability to help resource-strapped companies make smart hires. That said, RPO can be especially helpful for technology companies looking to scale or improve upon their workforce in the short- and long term. Here’s why.

It’s Proactive, Not Reactive 

The technology industry moves quickly, with new entrants, products, processes, and more coming seemingly overnight. As these changes happen, companies must be able to make smart hiring decisions. For example, if a new game-changing product comes out of nowhere, it may be necessary to quickly hire an expert so the company doesn’t fall behind. A similar situation could arise following an acquisition that takes a company outside of its historical area of expertise. 

With RPO, tech companies don’t have to wonder about whether or not they’ll be able to move or pivot quickly enough. The objective of RPO is to make sure they have access to a rich pipeline that guarantees them a flow of ready and qualified candidates, no matter what their current GTM plan looks like. 

Talent Pools Know No Bounds

When people think of tech hotspots, they think about Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York City. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and acceleration of remote working, employment at a tech company no longer requires someone to live in these metro areas. Instead, they’re moving to the likes of Austin, Raleigh, Atlanta, and other “less techy” cities. 

As a result, tech companies need to extend their hiring strategies to these areas. Unfortunately, doing so isn’t as simple as it sounds. Often, talent networks don’t go beyond a company’s physical location. So, if they’re recruiting someplace new, it’s likely they’ll have to start building a talent pool from scratch. On top of that, differing financial and law elements can make recruiting from different areas confusing and time-consuming. RPO helps tech companies scale beyond their walls and reach tech talent in every corner of the country.

Finally, Free Time

The technology industry is synonymous with terms like “startup,” “unicorn,” and “giants.” Said another way, it’s not unlikely for a technology company to grow quickly. When the inevitable happens, HR teams and hiring managers are expected to manage the hiring boom. 

This is a lot to ask. Not only will they be stressed, but they’ll be strapped for resources they could otherwise use to focus on other important initiatives. For HR teams, that could mean employee benefits or cultural updates. For hiring managers, that could mean strategic meetings with the rest of the time. RPO takes this work off of their plates, ensuring hiring needs are met without sacrificing the quality of the new hire or overall company. 

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