The constant pressure to innovate, rising customer expectations, and scalability hurdles in the face of economic uncertainty are just a few of the unique challenges enterprise technology companies face daily. 

Unfortunately, the challenges don’t end there because the Recruiting Directors for these companies (and the greater HR team) deal with their own challenges, including recruitment overflow, the complexities of a contingent workforce, and the oft-sudden need to fill niche roles. 

If you’re nodding your head, know that we hear you. Keep reading to learn more about how Wellington Steele & Associates can help you navigate these challenges and hire the talent to grow your company and bottom line. 

Challenge #1: Recruitment Overflow

Recruitment overflow or an increase in job requisitions that exceed the capacity of your existing teams presents challenges for even the most seasoned enterprise Recruiting Directors and hiring managers. 

Key challenges related to recruitment overflow:  

  • Resource Strain: Recruitment overflow can exhaust team resources and bandwidth, leading to unnecessary stress, hiring errors, and burnout, which can negatively impact the candidate’s experience and the satisfaction of existing teams. 
  • Candidate Quality: The sudden demand and urgency to fill these roles, sometimes across departments and time zones, can accelerate the hiring process (not for the better), potentially causing you to overlook red flags and make a decision that can be a detriment to your bottom line.
  • Candidate Experience: A jump in job requisitions without a corresponding increase in headcount typically creates a scenario in which hiring teams don’t have enough time to dedicate to vetting, interviewing, and engaging with candidates. In the same way that a poor experience can impact a retail buyer’s decision to make a purchase, a poor hiring experience can influence a candidate’s decision to sign and, in some cases, damage your reputation if they share their displeasure with others. 

While the days of rampant tech hiring are seemingly behind us, recruitment overflow scenarios are here to stay, especially as innovation, company mergers and acquisitions, and higher-than-normal turnover rates keep often understaffed hiring teams fighting to fill open roles with right-fit candidates.

So, how can we help? 

Our Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) services help enterprise companies strategically source and maintain a pool of right-fit candidates who meet the role’s technical requirements and mesh with the company culture and team. 

What does that mean for you? Access to a pre-vetted pool of proven candidates, so when new job requisitions roll in, we can hit the ground running and help you quickly hire top talent without sacrificing quality. Plus, by offloading much of the hiring process, your team instantly wins back time to reinvest in other high-value activities that improve your team’s experience and morale.

Challenge #2: Contingent Workforce Management

Hiring and managing a contingent workforce, i.e., a workforce of talent hired temporarily, can also present challenges for the 94% of technology companies that rely on contingent workers to grow. 

Key challenges related to contingent workforces:   

  • Compliance: Contingent workers are typically subject to different state- and federal-level regulations than full-time employees (FTEs), which can increase the complexity of the hiring process, especially if hiring en masse stateside or overseas.
  • Quality Control: Despite your team’s best efforts, contingent workers’ performance can often suffer due to their lack of integration into your company’s culture. Their short-term presence can make them less committed to your overarching goals and vision, impacting performance. 
  • Cultural and Workplace Integration: Company culture continues to make its way up the list of “must-haves” for job seekers. Despite that, contingent workers often feel isolated or “less valued” than FTEs. Again, this can impact their performance, productivity, and the morale of FTEs who regularly engage with them.

With 76% of technology companies struggling to fill roles despite layoffs and the Great Resignation, don’t be surprised if contingent workers become a more significant cog in your growth engine.

So, how can we help? 

From sourcing and pre-qualifying candidates to screening and interviews, our team is uniquely positioned to manage the complexities and nuances of managing a contingent workforce—all while giving you team- and sunk-cost-related savings and scalability benefits that’ll help you thrive with project-based or short-term initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for contract staffing, temp-to-hire, project-based, or project management services, our contingent workforce staffing solutions are flexible and ready to adapt and evolve whenever needed.

Challenge #3: Specialty or Hard-to-Fill Roles

No industry evolves faster than tech, and while that creates an exciting dynamic, it can simultaneously generate a need to source and hire talent in unfamiliar corners of the market. For example, if you’re branching into artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time, you’re also likely hiring talent with AI-related skills for the first time. 

Similarly, suppose you’ve recently transitioned to a remote or hybrid workplace to meet the evolving demands of today’s tech talent. In that case, you may struggle to understand the new local markets. Hiring these specialty and hard-to-fill roles is paramount to business growth.

Key challenges related to specialty and hard-to-fill roles: 

  • Time-to-hire: Due to the niche nature of specialty roles, filling them can take longer, especially if they’re at the executive level. This eats into your team’s bandwidth and keeps positions open, which comes with an opportunity cost.
  • Talent Scarcity: Talent pools for specialty roles are often smaller, and top talent within them is in extremely high demand. These factors create an ultra-competitive environment where many companies battle for a relatively small group of top performers. 

As enterprise companies evolve and specialty roles grow in demand, it’s on you to find a way to navigate these challenges—or let us help.

How? By giving you access to talent with these specialized skills, you can fill these niche roles before the competition. Whether you’re looking for an AI Ethics Officer, a Data Privacy Officer, a Cloud Integration Specialist, a Cybersecurity Forensics Analyst or something in between, we’re here to help.  

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