Imagine waking up every morning as a hiring manager with a to-list that includes these—and more—action items: 

  • Review a stack of resumes.
  • Schedule interviews with candidates for your open role.
  • Conduct back-to-back interviews. 
  • Follow up with candidates.
  • Negotiate offers and prepare for new-hire onboarding.

We’ve overly simplified this to-do list, but these are the broad strokes. 

Now, imagine these action items added to a hiring manager’s existing responsibilities. For example, a Director of Software Engineering hiring a new Software Engineer is also responsible for apply engineering principles and knowledge of programming languages to build software solutions for end users.  

In other words, hiring managers across functions often juggle two full-time jobs: Hire the perfect candidate to grow their team and guide their team to success. It’s unsustainable and puts the hiring manager in a tough spot because they can’t dedicate their full time and attention to the candidate and the team. The ripple effects here are obvious. 

But this duality isn’t the only challenge hiring managers face. Let’s explore additional hurdles and how Wellington Steele & Associates can help them navigate them. 

The Hurdles Holding Enterprise Hiring Managers Back from Growing Their Team

There are only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Assuming a hiring manager works the standard work week, they have 40 hours to balance their hiring and functional responsibilities. Thankfully, hiring managers aren’t on this journey alone; Human Resource (HR) teams also play a pivotal role in hiring. 

The alignment between hiring managers and HR teams drives an effective and efficient hiring process. Still, it can create hurdles that prevent hiring managers from bringing the new hire on board.  

What causes most of these hurdles? The bandwidth of almost every HR team. With 98% of HR teams burnt out—due primarily to their notorious understaffed and under-resourced nature—most HR teams don’t have the time to dedicate their full attention to the hiring manager’s priorities (at no fault of their own). 

Remember: HR teams also have dual responsibilities. In addition to working with hiring managers, HR teams juggle tasks related to compensation, diversity, equality, inclusion (DEI), employee morale, and company culture.  

All of this impacts the hiring manager’s process. 

For example, with HR teams stretched thin, the hiring process may be slower and less efficient than the hiring manager would like. Similarly, overworked HR teams may struggle to maintain engagement with candidates or find a candidate with a truly specialized skill set. 

How We Help Hiring Managers Overcome These Hurdles & Accelerate Team Growth

We know the core of hiring managers’ challenges is bandwidth—or a lack of it. Unfortunately, limited bandwidth is a constant challenge for hiring managers and the HR team. That’s why hiring managers and HR teams must collectively look for solutions that take some of the burden off their plate without sacrificing the quality of hire

Enter Wellington Steele & Associates—here are a few ways we can help:

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): From sourcing and pre-qualifying candidates to screening and interviews, our team of enterprise staffing and recruiting experts will manage the complexities and nuances of the hiring process. By outsourcing these essential tasks, HR teams and hiring managers can focus on their core functional responsibilities without sacrificing the hiring process’s outcome.   
  • Access to a Pool of Specialized Talent: Working with WSA gives hiring managers and HR teams access to a pre-vetted pool of specialized talent, allowing them to quickly connect with right-fit candidates with even the most specialized and niche skills. 
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Whether you’re looking for contract staffing, full-time employees, temp-to-hire arrangements, project-based roles, or project management services, we provide flexible staffing solutions that adapt to hiring managers’ needs, allowing them to quickly hire candidates who’ll contribute from day one.  

Hiring managers shouldn’t have to bear the weight of two full-time jobs. While growing their team should always be a priority, the steps required to do that—reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, and negotiating offers—shouldn’t pull them away from their core responsibilities. Working with Wellington Steele & Associates makes sure that never happens. 

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