The hiring process is challenging. For smaller companies, it can be taxing on internal HR teams and hiring managers. For enterprise companies, it can be complex, with hundreds or thousands of candidates applying. On top of the time commitment, there’s the financial cost. What if the new hire doesn’t work out or the new salesperson doesn’t perform to the level of the one they’re replacing? The challenges don’t end there. In today’s remote-first world, hiring top talent is harder than ever since companies must battle with competitors outside their area. Due to these challenges, many companies rush the hiring process and get it wrong. Working with a staffing agency like Wellington Steele & Associates can navigate these challenges and help companies hire top talent fast. Here are three reasons why: 

A Larger Talent Pool

One of the biggest challenges of hiring top talent is that they can be out of reach. For example, they may work for a competitor. It could also be because they don’t see the job listing, and therefore, don’t apply. Said another way, companies struggle to hire top talent because they don’t know the top talent is available. And if they do, they’re scooped up by other companies before they have a chance to meet them.

This isn’t anyone’s fault—no companies talent pipeline is large enough to account for every right-fit candidate. Instead, companies should proactively source candidates to keep their talent pipeline full. However, unless a ton of resources are available, proactive recruiting isn’t always realistic. That’s why teaming up with a staffing agency with a pre-existing top talent network is so advantageous. Not only is the talent pool already in place, but it’s more extensive and diverse. 

Existing Relationships

A lot of times, companies need to hire someone quickly. When this happens, mistakes are made, and they introduce the risk of hiring someone who doesn’t help grow the company.

The alternative to this is to take more time during the hiring process and build a relationship with each candidate. It’s on the HR teams and the hiring manager to fully grasp who they’re interviewing and determine if they’ll be a good fit. Sometimes there isn’t time for this, especially in a competitive job market where top talent comes and goes quickly. This isn’t an issue for staffing agencies that already have relationships with thousands of vetted top candidates. When it’s time to hire someone new, a staffing agency will always be able to deliver top talent fast.  

Industry Expertise

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the business world anything, it’s that things can change in an instant and that companies need to be ready to evolve. It can be as simple as scaling an existing team to account for growth or mean a 180-degree pivot in response to a current offering becoming obsolete. Whatever the reason, when these changes happen, companies have to hire. Fast.

Sometimes these changes mean hiring someone out of their wheelhouse. For example, an IT company specializing in data decides to pivot and offer its product in a SaaS model. Without experience in this industry, there may not be anyone who has the expertise needed to hire this employee. The solution to this is to either spend a ton of time learning about the SaaS industry or work with a staffing agency that’s already well-versed in the industry’s nuances. This is why staffing agencies are uniquely positioned to adapt and evolve quickly with companies they work with day in and day out.

There are many benefits of working with a staffing agency for your hiring needs. Enterprises, for example, can simplify a complex process. Smaller companies can compete for top talent in an incredibly competitive market. Most importantly, staffing agencies can help companies bring on top talent fast, which is a crucial benefit they can’t ignore.